Complaint Mechanism

Any person or group of persons, or a community that has been or may be affected negatively by an ICLEI project may file a complaint. As well as individuals wishing to submit recommendations or report issues of integrity, corruption, misuse of funds, fraud etc. All complaints will be handled without prejudice.

If persons fear or have experienced reprisals in relation to a complaint, they can also use this channel, using a representative to file and pursue the complaint on their behalf. Feedback can be submitted primarily through the online form available below in any of the available languages. Alternatively a PDF version and a Word version of the form are available and can be submitted via:

  • email:
  • landmail: ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability – Kaiser-Friedrich Strasse 7, 53113 Bonn, Germany

Note: If your language is not available, please submit the complaint as possible and ICLEI will have the complaint translated.

The ICLEI ICM will provide confidentiality upon receiving a complaint if requested to do so. Where disclosure may be required to address the complaint, the plaintiff will decide what can be disclosed.

Submit feedback online



What is not eligible as a complaint?

  • - Rejection of funding
    - Activities executed by implementing partners not related to ICLEI projects (however we can forward to the appropriate partner ICM if applicable)


What is the process?

  • 1. Formal feedback is submitted and ICM acknowledges receipt within 5 working days. If additional information is required, clarification will be requested.
    2. Feedback is processed, assessing if the complaint is eligible within the ICM scope (see above) and categorized to be reviewed by the relevant independent panel within 30 working days.
    3. Problem solving procedure and/or mediation takes place, with an in-depth appraisal of the issues and impact. A resolution is proposed or compliance review performed, during the following 20 working days, depending on the complexity of the issue, and is communicated to the affected party.


Who can complain and how are they protected?

  • All activity/project-affected persons can complain. To protect complainants and whistleblowers, the anonymity can be guaranteed. The complaints mechanism is based at ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability, who partners with over 200 different implementing organizations to provide improvements and positive tangible impact in urban areas, to our 2500+ local and regional governments worldwide.

    ICLEI jointly runs an average of 250 activities globally every year and although we strive to hold ourselves to the highest ethical and technical standards, through our expert staff, policy guidelines and conduct safeguards, we welcome feedback and suggestions to flag shortcomings and improve our practices. The ICM contributes to:
    - monitor and improve the environmental and social outcomes of projects,
    - avoid unintended negative impacts of projects that go unnoticed by ICLEI,
    - support the appropriate use of public funds, and
    - comply with international good practice.

    For the best outcomes, the more detailed the relevant information submitted, the better, e.g. copies of documents, corroborating witnesses, media reports, photos/video recordings, dates, attempts to contact project officials locally or use project-based complaint mechanisms.